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Submission of POSTERS and via CONSORTIA MESTRAL and DOCTORAL, see instructions below:


For sending posters of undergraduates students.

This session is reserved for work, complete, referring to ongoing surveys of undergraduates.

Send to contecsi@usp.br subject/Subject: POSTER-CONTECSI2017

-Expanded resume with 1000-1200 words and bibliography

-Student's full name, full name of the Advisor


-contact details (email and telephone)

The author of poster approved must attach to your final text an image of your poster, possibly the summarizing, in JPEG (300 dpi) and report to Congress prepared to invite participants to visit your poster.



the CONTECSI calls everyone to submit their proposals for Dissertations and research projects at Masters level, in the areas and themes covered by its activities available inwww.tecsi.fea.usp.br/eventos/contecsi -to the analysis in simulated stalls and community participant debate in General. As in the case of the Doctoral Consortium, the research projects are processed in various ways, making the event especially attractive for your development, including:


-Simulated Examination of your projects-comprehensiveness issues, research objectives, methodology, procedures and reference results. 
-Achievement of these tests in an environment of institution of international significance, the FEA-USP, as well as in traditional event and also of great international importance, already being carried out in your ninth edition, Contecsi International Congress of technology and information systems.
-Use the results to improve the projects, integration with other projects for multi-disciplinary and inter-institutional studies.
-Use of this evaluation as the basis for qualification process, where regiments of programs and institutions. 
-Expansion of the reach of research and dissemination of results to be obtained, relevance of research, institutions and researchers in orientation and execution of the work.

 Material to be submitted by the master students, interested in participating in the Consortium: (send the project to contecsi@usp.br mentioning Mestral CONTECSI Consortium). The material must follow the features below:

-Text limited to five pages where the candidate include:

Name, seat of the Institution work, Masters program, guidance counselor. 
Title, subject, General and specific objectives. 
Adherence to areas covered by CONTECSI. 
Overview, Introduction-scenario, question, background, methods and general structure of the work. 
Fonts, use reference-overview. 
Methodological procedures-overview. 
Achievement of expected results. 
Planned schedule.

The master students participants will be relevant licences issued to the 14th Contecsi


Doctoral Consortium

The Doctoral Consortium, event of the activities of the 14th Contecsi,  aims to promote the integration and the exchange of ideas between students of doctoral courses in areas related to the management of technology and information systems.

This is a privileged space for presentation of thesis projects with goals of expansion of academic debate, discussion of the proposals of the research and its future impact, dissemination to the community of its possible results and other contacts that allow the improvement of the work of doctoral programs and promoting institutions.

The Doctoral Consortium is structured as to  discuss the activities of doctoral thesis. It provides an informal and cooperative atmosphere with researchers expert in the areas of the projects. It aims the exchange of ideas and contributions to developing projects discussing topics such as research issues, data sources, methodology, presentation of results, forms of publication, interested communities, among others.

Material to be submitted by doctoral students, interested in participating in the Consortium: (send to contecsi@usp.br mentioning Doctoral Consortium CONTECSI):

·         Summary of the project proposal of doctoral thesis (up to 15 pages), in accordance with the standards of the APA, containing the following parts:

·         Cover page containing: title of the proposal; name of the proponent; email and contact; Graduate program to which you are bound; name of supervisor; Academic Division and subject area of submission of the proposal;

·         Brief introduction, including: research problem, objectives and rationale;

·         Brief theoretical frame of reference;

·         Methodological procedures ( the most complete possible but  synthetic);

·         References;

·         Proposal format: word for windows text editor; A4 paper; margins: top (3 cm), less than (2 cm), left (3 cm), right (2 cm); times new roman font size 12; simple spacing between characters, words and lines.

To participate in the candidate must be regularly doctoral student enrolled in a graduate degree program, and forward the material described above. The Advisor should be aware and in agreement with the doctoral candidate participation.

The participating PhD students will be relevant licences issued to the 14th Contecsi