Consortium 15th CONTECSI USP

15th CONTECSI USP - Mestral, Doctoral and Post Doctoral Consortia

Deadline for submission: March 5, 2018

Consortium Overview

The Consortia (Master, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral), are events that are part of the activities of the 15th CONTECSI USP, to promote the integration and exchange of ideas among the students of the doctoral and master's degree programs of any area, whose research projects are directly or indirectly related to the study of information and interfacing, but not limited to,  with  the areas of information technology, information systems, information and communication technologies, information management and information science.

It is therefore a privileged space for presentation of research projects with the objective of broadening the academic debate, discussing the research proposals and their future impacts, dissemination of their results and exchange diverse visions that may contribute to the improvement of the projects and of the promoting institutions.

 Consortia are structured in project discussion activities. These are informal groups made up of researchers in the areas of projects submitted by authors, aiming the exchange of ideas, research questions, sources of information, methodology, presentation of results, forms of publication, among others.

CONTECSI was a pioneer in Brazil to introduce the master and post-doctoral consortium, with the objective of approaching the entire scientific production chain, such as:

                 Poster Session ¬ (Graduation)> Consortia: Master> Doctoral> Post-Doctoral

(Attention: Poster format is specific for Undergraduate students)  


Instructions for formatting and submitting projects

-Authors must submit a text -  Short Project Description containing up to 15 pages, in accordance with APA standards and containing the following parts:

- Cover page containing:

-Header: Please cut and Paste, centering in the page,   the Following:

15th CONTECSI USP - International Conference on Information Systems and Technology Management
Consortium (choose one:  Master, Doctoral or Doctorate)

-Project title; name of the tenderer; e-mail and contact telephones; Postgraduate Program to which it is attached; supervisor's name; thematic submission area;

- Brief introduction, including: research problem, objectives and justification;

-  Brief theoretical framework of reference;

-  Methodological procedures (synthetic and as complete as possible);

- References;

 Text Formatting: Use text editor word for windows; A4 paper format; margins: upper (3cm), lower (2cm), left (3cm), right (2cm); source times new roman size 12; simple spacing between characters, words and lines.

Important: To participate in Consortium category, the candidate must be a master's or doctoral student regularly registered in a Graduate Program, and must forward the material described above. The counselor should be aware and in accordance with the participation.



-Go to the site of the conference  below:

- Follow the submission instructions, making the registration and creating you profile (if it is the first time) Do not forget to select the option “Author” to be able to submit texts.

-Choose one of the following Consortia:  Post Doctoral, Doctoral or Master.

-Submit the file.

Attention: In the Register / profile, please include your individual ORCID code. If you do not have it, register online at



After successfully submitting the Project, enter the section of the portal called: REGISTER 15th CONTECSI and follow all the instructions to sign up.

Or click:

In case of doubt send an email to: