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15th CONTECSI USP International Conference on Information Systems and Technology Management discusses the news about information systems, information technology and information science

CONTECSI is the Official Conference of the BRAIS - Brazilian Chapter of Association for Information Systems

From the 23rd to 25th of May, 2018, on FEAUSP, nationals and foreigners experts

talk about  Information technology information systems and information science 

The 15th International Conference on Information Systems and Technology Management , focused on TInformation Technology, Information Systems, and information science will disseminate  researchs, products, innovations and patents. Since your 1st Edition, the CONTECSI is promoted by TECSI - Information Systems and Technology Management Laboratory of  EAC- FEA-USP. under the general coordination of Prof Edson Luiz Riccio in partnership with international institutions and an international team of advisors.  TECSI - 

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4º TOI – Congresso Internacional em Tecnologia e Organização da Informação
6º Painel Internacional: Innovations in Government

International Speakers at 15th CONTECSI

The international speakers of 15th CONTECSI:  Prof. Dr. Matti Rossi Department  of Information Systems - Aalto University - Finland. and President of Association for Information Systems,  Prof. Dr. Crispin Coombs, Information Systems Department - Loughborough University, UK,  Prof. Dr.José Antonio Moreiro González - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Espanha), Prof. Dr. Armando de Barros Malheiro - Universidade do Porto (Portugal), 

The following registration fees apply: US$ 300.00

The 15th CONTECSI has the support of CNPq, CAPES and FAPESP


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